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Why are more brands turning to Social Influencers?

More consumers today are getting their information and recommendations from friends, niche publishers, and communities.


of consumers trust earned media over traditional media

Nielson, "Global Trust in Advertising Report"


of purchase decisions are driven by word of mouth

McKinsey, "A New Way to Measure WoM Marketing"


higher engagement versus paid media and owned

Social Chorus, "Value of the Power Middle"

Leverage the power of Social Influencers to spark emotional brand connections.

Build your next social media campaign with Snips.

Social Beats Campaigns

Amplify your voice, music, and audio content through social influencers to reach fans around the world eager to listen, share, or purchase.


Social Impact Campaigns

Place high-impact, full-screen responsive ads in front of organic content shared by celebrities, artists, bloggers, and other social influencers.


Social Sweeps Campaigns

Leverage contests and giveaways to drive leads, signups, surveys, or build followers, while social influencers amplify your audience reach.


Social Buzz Campaigns

Build an army of influencers to create buzz around your brand, products, and promotions across social media and other online platforms.


Social Market Campaigns

Drive sales and revenue through influencer recommendations and promoted posts across every social channel.


Social Verify Campaigns

Real-time fraud protection and validation of audience engagements across social media and other platforms.


Social Good Campaigns

Build a movement with the help of influencers to empower non-profit & charitable organizations and reach new supporters around the world.


Social Stories Campaigns

Boost your content reach with influencers, and access highly engaged audiences ready to consume and share your digital content across any platform.


Performance-Driven Results

The impact of influencer marketing depends on the quality of influencers and engagement by their social followers. When it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs), measurable engagement matters most. Yet, many influencer networks base their KPIs solely on impressions, or their potential audience reach. But true influence drives action, not just awareness.

Snips is leading the way in promoting accountability in advertising. Whether driven by delivery of impressions, click-throughs, or acquisitions, Snips campaigns demonstrate quantifiable performance results. That simply means influencers earn based on performance, and brands can rest assured they are only paying for real engagement by real people.


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Real-Time Campaign Insights

Tired of piecing data together into reports? Snips campaign insights gives you the most in-depth insights and reliable data to measure your campaign performance, and gauge how well your ads are performing.

Visualize your campaign impact across any platform, including social media, websites, emails, and mobile apps. Real-time data snapshots continuously capture the progress of your entire campaign in raising brand awareness and activating user interest. Get the big-picture or drill-down views of delivery, engagement, conversions, and more, all through a simple intuitive dashboard.


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Reach Audiences Everywhere

In a world characterized by a multitude of evolving platforms and devices, advertisers have to adapt to new innovative ways to comprehensively reach their audiences.

Snips is the only platform-independent advertisement network, delivering a consistent experience across any device or online platform. You can integrate Snips campaigns within every part of your marketing strategy — social media, websites, email, video, promotions, mobile apps, and even messaging. Access quality social influencers to amplify your brand message across 35 verticals, generating millions of monthly impression worldwide.


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Protect your Investment

It is estimated that over 60% of web traffic is programmatic and not viewed by humans, while over 30% of ads delivered are not in-view and never seen. It is the most critical issue facing the digital marketing community today, resulting in billions of dollars in wasteful campaign spending.

Snips is leading the way in proactively combating ad fraud and wasteful spending. Our responsive full-page ads are always 100% in-view and achieve over 9 seconds of viewing time. Our proprietary anti-fraud detection technology monitors every engagement in real-time, filtering over 99% of fraudulent traffic. And while not all contextual environments align with brand image, Snips monitors and filters individual pages that may tarnish your brand image. The result is reduced costs, better results, and ultimately a superior ROI. That's great for agencies and brands alike.


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Snips is a revolutionary influencer marketing platform that allows influencers to curate, manage and monetize their social networks, while enabling brands to discover, manage, execute and accurately measure performance-driven influencer programs at scale.