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Snips empowers influencers with powerful tools to manage content, track engagement, and monetize their social networks.

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Guess what? You already are. Everytime you share, like, or comment about a brand, you are acting as a brand advocate. In fact, 50% of purchase decisions are driven by word of mouth. Isn't it about time you got paid for the social value you create?

That's why Snips created the first performance-based influencer marketplace. Search brand programs, campaigns, or get recommendations on products and content you can promote to your audiences everywhere — on websites, social media, email, mobile apps, and even messaging platforms.

You don't need to be an avid blogger or have a massive following. Just a passion to share great content. Ready to get started?

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Powerful Tools that Drive Success

Discover a powerful suite of tools and audience data to grow and monetize your social network. Through Snips, influencers can create & share content, track audience engagement, and monetize their network — all in one platform.

Simplify content management across your social channels with an all-in-one solution that includes scheduled posts, billboards, share buttons, mobile app, analytics and much more.

Earn revenue by partnering with brands, or by simply sharing fun organic content — whether it's trending news, a favorite new song, your fashion collection, or a great recipe. And with the real-time analytics, it's the perfect tool to gauge your audience interests and measure real performance. Get started today!

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Snips is a revolutionary influencer marketing platform that allows influencers to curate, manage and monetize their social networks, while enabling brands to discover, manage, execute and accurately measure performance-driven influencer programs at scale.