Social Media allows everyone to be a publisher.
Publishers influence consumer brand decisions.

Snips is helping savvy social influencers, like yourself, become the ultimate brand advocates.

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Earn revenue when you snip & share breaking news or any other article you like. With hundreds of sources in twenty news categories updated in real-time, there is plenty of great content for everyone.

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Influencer Campaigns

A revolutionary marketplace where brands and social influencers connect. Promote your favorite content, brands, products, or giveaways to your social followers, and earn revenue with each engagement.

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Influencer Collections

Fans can now shop & explore collections curated by their favorite influencers. Tag images and vidoes with shoppable items, and earn revenue when fans purchase the products.

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Manage Your Social Media

Seamlessly plan and share content across your social media channels. With Scheduled Posts, you can share content instantly to any number of social media, or schedule posts to go out on a set day and time. You can even create a recurring schedule and add your posts to the queue. It's simply the easiest way to manage and monetize your social networks.


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Insightful Real-Time Analytics

Measuring true audience engagement allows you to accurately gauge your audience interest, and optimize future efforts for maximum impact. Snips real-time analytics measures what matters. Simple, accurate, and concise.

Analyze impact, shares, and revenue generated across social media, websites, emails, and mobile apps, all through a simple intuitive dashboard. You won’t need a degree in finance to easily connect the dots, and make informed strategic decisions that maximize your revenue.


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Monetize your Social Network

Snips is the only universal advertising platform for social influencers. Anywhere you can post a Snips link, you can monetize your social influence – including websites, social media, email, mobile apps, and even messaging platforms.

Promote your products and services in front of any content you share with your audience, or allow Snips to fill your inventory with responsive full-page interstial advertisements that maximize your earnings.


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Become a Brand Advocate

Guess what? You already are. Everytime you share, like, or tweet about a brand, you are acting as a brand advocate. In fact, 50% of purchase decisions are driven by word of mouth. Isn't it about time you got paid for the social value you create?

That's why Snips developed the first social influencer ad network, a unique marketplace for brands and social influencers to connect. With a combined reach of over 100+ million, our social influencer campaigns allow brands to reach audiences through high-quality brand placement, and build social buzz around their products and services.

You don't need to be a blogger or have a massive following. Just a passion to share great content. We'll do the rest.


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Whether you're an occasional Tweeter, avid blogger, or just love to post pictures on Facebook, is simply the coolest influencer network. Now you get paid for the social value you create, just by sharing great content, promoting brands, or running online contests and giveaways.  And with the real-time analytics, it's the perfect tool to help you gauge your audience reach and better understand what appeals to them. Join the Snips influencer network today!