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Snips Collections a unique marketplace for social fans to shop their favorite influencer’s photos, videos and YouTube channels. With Collections, influencers can tag photos and videos with millions of shoppable products from top brands and retailers. When fans click to buy items, influencer earn a commission on every purchase. Exclusive features include:

  • Upload photos and videos, or link to YouTube videos
  • Access tens of millions of shoppable products from top brands and retailers
  • Share collections across any social media, website, email or messaging platform
  • Monetize on both purchases and views of Collections
  • Real-time analytics, audience insights, and conversion tracking
  • Customizable landing page that features more of your Collections



Social Insights

Savvy marketers recognize the more you know about your social followers, the easier it is to create and share content they will find valuable. But most social media sites provide little or no audience demographic information for influencers to build lasting brand relationships.

Social Insights for influencers offers real-time analytics and audience demographics across social media, web, mobile apps, email and messaging platforms. It allows influencers and marketers to better understand their audience, and optimize what content and offers to share. With its simple and intuitive dashboard, you can access all the key audience metrics that matter most to brands.

Social Insights is included with your Social Verify subscription, providing you the most accurate and reliable data that just works. You won't need a degree in analytics to grow your audience anymore.

Social Insights




Scheduled Posts

Whether you are a content creator, publisher or influencer, Scheduled Posts allow you to seamlessly share and promote content, track audience engagement, and monetize your favorite social networks. With a few clicks, you can share messages, links and photos instantly across all your favorite social media, or create schedules to automatically post your content at set days and times. There are no limits on the number of social media accounts you can connect, schedules you can create, or posts you can share. 

Supported Social Media Platforms


Schedule Posts


Branded Memes

Memes are one of the most effective ways to engage audiences on social through visual expression. When used effectively, they can spark emotional reactions that drive virality. Now influencers and brands can create branded memes on Snips to captivate audiences and fans. With a few simple clicks you can create original, fun and engaging visual content that can be shared across your social networks. Exclusive features include:

  • Explore trending images, search by category & keywords, or upload creatives.
  • Adjust image sizes, customize layout, and overlay with stylized text.
  • Add branding to memes with your own company or brand logo.
  • Export as images, animated GIFs, or MP4 videos that can be shared anywhere.
  • Get auto-recommend memes based on hashtags entered in scheduled posts.


Branded Memes



With only one opportuntity to link out from Instagram, Billboards provide a seamless way of promoting and tracking any number of campaigns. By placing your unique Billboard link into your Instagram bio, you can more easily promote any content, drive traffic, measure audience engagements, and monetize your social media. Exclusive features include:

  • Keep one, consistent link in your Instagram bio
  • Gather deep audience insights & analytics behind your links
  • Share content with beautiful images, titles and clickable links
  • Pin your snipped links directly to your Billboard
  • Monetize your Instagram by promoting any number of Campaigns, Trending News, or Collections on your Billboard





Get the Snips Bookmarklet


If you're looking for an easy way to snip & share links on any platform or browser, this is the tool for you.

The Snips bookmarklet is supported on all major browsers, mobile devices and tablets. Simply click and drag this link into your browser’s bookmark toolbar and you’re done.


Snip it! Click & drag to your bookmarks


  1. Open the Mobile Safari app and open this current page. Select and copy the entire highlighted Snips bookmarklet code in the following section: javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement('script');script.type='text/javascript';'snips-bookmarklet-js';script.src='//';document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(script);void(0);})();
  2. Tap on the share icon at the bottom of your Safari page and tap Add Bookmark, then save the bookmark to Bookmarks.
  3. Tap on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Tap on the Bookmarks and select Favorites. Then tap Edit in the bottom corner of your window. Select the bookmark that you just created and change the name to Snip it!
  4. Next, erase the URL shown and paste the bookmarklet code in its place (press and hold, then release, then tap Paste).
  5. Hit Bookmarks Bar located in the bottom top left corner to go back. Tap Done located in the top right corner.



Embed Cards

With rich media Embed Cards, you can easily share and monetize any of your Snips links natively across any website, blog, or mobile app. With a clean and responsive design, Embed Cards are great for sharing great content or promoting branded campaigns.

Integration requires no programming experience, and is as easy as copy & paste. Just click the embed icon </> for any Snips you wish to share, then copy and paste the HTML code into your website.

But the real magic happens when you start measuring your audience growth. With powerful real-time analytics and audience insights, your Embed Cards will track audience engagements, social shares, and campaign revenue from any website, anywhere. It's simply the perfect tool for influencers and bloggers looking to measure and grow beyond social media.

Embed Cards



Social Share Buttons


Introducing the simplest and most powerful way to monetize your online content. Snips social share buttons allow you to earn revenue each time your content is shared and viewed on social media.

Built on jQuery and FontAwesome, these share buttons are supported by all major browsers and are completely customizable for your website. Choose from simple Drupal and WordPress plugins, or build a custom plugin for your website.





Plug into the Snips Developers API to bring our integrated real-time analytics and monetization experience to your website, application, or other tools. Here you’ll find helpful documentation on all the different ways you can interact with Snips programatically.


Developers API


Whether you're an occasional Tweeter, avid blogger, or just love to post pictures on Facebook, is simply the coolest influencer network. Now you get paid for the social value you create, just by sharing great content, promoting brands, or running online contests and giveaways.  And with the real-time analytics, it's the perfect tool to help you gauge your audience reach and better understand what appeals to them. Join the Snips influencer network today!