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Track and Gauge Audience Interests with Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Real-Time Analytics

Measuring true audience engagement allows you to accurately gauge your audience interest, and optimize future efforts for maximum impact. Snips real-time analytics measures what matters. Simple, accurate, and concise.

Analyze impact, shares, and revenue generated across social media, websites, emails, and mobile apps, all through a simple intuitive dashboard. You won’t need a degree in finance to easily connect the dots, and make informed strategic decisions that maximize your revenue.


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Social Audience Insights

Savvy marketers recognize the more you know about your social followers, the easier it is to create and share content they will find valuable. But most social media sites provide little or no audience demographic information for influencers to build lasting brand relationships.

Social Insights for influencers offers real-time analytics and audience demographics across social media, web, mobile apps, email and messaging platforms. It allows influencers and marketers to better understand their audience, and optimize what content and offers to share. With its simple and intuitive dashboard, you can access all the key audience metrics that matter most to brands.

Social Insights provides you the most accurate and reliable data that just works. You won't need a degree in analytics to grow your audience anymore.


Social Insights


Snips is the first performance-based influencer marketing platform that empowers influencers with business tools to grow their audience and monetize their social networks, while enabling brands to run performance-driven influencers programs built on true measurability & scale.