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13 Mar

Snips Media Launches Billboards to Drive Traffic and Revenue from Instagram

  • Published Mar 13, 2018

Snips Media today unveiled Billboards on to help influencers and content creators drive trafic, revenue and measurability from Instagram and other social media.

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30 Nov

Snips Collections Lets Consumers Shop Influencer Photos and Videos

  • Published Nov 30, 2017
  • Newswire

Snips Media Launches Collections to Offer Influencers a New Marketplace to Monetize Their Photos and Videos on Instagram, Snapchat and More.

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26 Jul

Snips Media Launches Branded Memes Platform for Influencers and Brands

  • Published Jul 26, 2017

Snips Media today unveiled their Branded Memes platform on, allowing influencers and brands to easily create and share original visual content with audiences across social media. 

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05 Jul

Snips Media Announce Partnership with Apple to Promote New Music and Emerging Artists with Influencers

  • Published Jul 05, 2017

Snips Media today announced the launch of it's new Social Beats influencer campaign platform and a partnership with Apple to promote new music and emerging artists on Apple Music.

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