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The Hill - 1 hour 3 min ago
White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow confirmed on Sunday that the Trump administration is "looking at" purchasing Greenland following reports of its interest last week."Denmark owns Greenland. Denmark is an al...
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The Hill - 1 hour 23 min ago
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said on Sunday that the Trump administration's tariffs on China are not hurting U.S. consumers or famers, despite widespread warnings from other economists."We're in a ...
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Time - 18 hours 3 min ago
DOJ argued that Title VII does not protect transgender people...
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NPR - 18 hours 26 min ago
The Trump administration is changing how the Endangered Species Act is applied. Critics say it will limit consideration of climate change, but others question if there will be any impact at all.
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The Daily Beast - 20 hours 3 min ago
Spencer Platt/Getty Images Despite years of fighting calls to "defund Planned Parenthood," the reproductive healthcare organization may now voluntarily remove itself from a massive government funding program, after a federal appeals court allowed a controversial new abortion rule to go forward. For months, Planned Parenthood has been battling a new Trump administration rule that bars taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from talking with their patients about abortion, or referring them...
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Rolling Stone - 20 hours 20 min ago
Trump administration finds judge ruled correctly in terms of application of pre-1972 copyright law...
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The Guardian - 23 hours 15 min ago
The move stems from a July altercation with Breitbart reporter Sebastian Gorka, and echoes actions against CNN's Jim Acosta The Trump administration has fired another shot in its war with the US press, suspending the credentials of Brian Karem, White House correspondent for Playboy and an analyst for CNN. The 30-day revocation was announced on Friday and echoes hugely controversial action taken against CNN's Jim Acosta in November 2018. Continue reading...
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NY Post - 23 hours 32 min ago
Mexico is sending some of the 30,000 Central American migrants vying for asylum in the United States on 750-mile bus rides all the way back to southern Mexico, officials said. The "Remain in Mexico" program pushed by the Trump administration has forced thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait months to get...
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