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Twitchy - 14 hours 42 min ago
Social-distancing theater.
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Variety - 14 hours 46 min ago
Korean disaster action film has been set as the opening movie of the Far East Film Festival in Udine. Due to coronavirus and social distancing measures still in place in Italy, the festival will be held entirely online this year. The festival is normally held in late April and early May. This time it will […]...
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Engadget - 14 hours 49 min ago
Despite the cancellation of pretty much every major tech event so far, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) says that CES 2021 will still take place in January, with a raft of social distancing safety measures in place. Those include widening ai...
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The Independent - 15 hours 56 sec ago
Thousands of Americans, many without protective face masks, have gathered in defiance of social distancing guidelines...
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Forbes - 15 hours 5 min ago
Many of us are questioning the meaning of home, community and connection on a deeper level.
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Popsugar - 15 hours 10 min ago
From nervously trying your first at-home haircut to compulsively studying TikTok tips for less-than-clean hair, chances are you've done at least one different thing in your beauty routine while you've been staying home.
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Forbes - 15 hours 35 min ago
Zynga's stock (NASDAQ: ZNGA) has gained over 50% of its value since the recent market lows of March 23, primarily because the company is seeing increased demand for gaming in the event of lockdowns and social distancing due to Covid-19. Despite the massive run up over the recent weeks...
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Sky News - 15 hours 36 min ago
A Labour MP has been criticised by a member of his own party for his "dangerous" decision to ignore social distancing guidelines at a Black Lives Matter protest.
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NPR - 17 hours 4 min ago
Topics on the table: The issue of liability waivers, an at-risk faculty, the costs of implementing social distancing measures, and the necessity and economic pressure to have in-person classes.
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New York Times - 17 hours 4 min ago
The Great Sand Dunes National Park, in Colorado, averages less than a half-million visitors per year, one tenth the traffic of nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.
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Fox News - 17 hours 11 min ago
Odell Beckham Jr. practiced his own version of social distancing during his first offseason with the Browns. This year, the flashy receiver's been as close as possible.
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Vox - 17 hours 45 min ago
Conservative radio talk show host Wayne Allyn Root hosts a protest in Las Vegas, Nevada, demanding the reopening of businesses on April 24. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images Most states still need to reduce coronavirus cases and build up their testing capacity. All 50 states are moving to reopen their economies, at least partially, after shutting down businesses and gatherings in response to the coronavirus pandemic . But a Vox analysis suggests that most states haven't made the preparations needed...
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Reuters - 18 hours 16 min ago
Employee union Unite has called on finance firms to do more to protect call centre staff after a survey of almost 3,000 employees exposed widespread fears about catching COVID-19 in workplaces where social distancing measures were falling short.
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The Guardian - 19 hours 5 min ago
Having been starved of football for months, excitement got the better of the limited number of fans at the Hungarian cup final With chanting, drums and some very loosely enforced social distancing regulations, the Hungarian cup final on Wednesday evening almost felt like a normal football match. The game, which Budapest club Honv d won 2-1 against underdogs Mezokovesd, was the first big game in Europe to be played in front of paying spectators since coronavirus led to the suspension of live sport...
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The Boy Genius Report - 22 hours 52 min ago
A corpse plant is blooming at a greenhouse in New York City, and you can watch it happen live right here. Corpse plants only blossom 7-10 years after they are initially planted, making this a rare sight. As the name suggests, the plant is known for smelling like rotting flesh. With people still practicing social distancing and self-isolation in many places around the planet, live streaming has seen a big boost in interest. At New York City's Barnard College, the Arthur Ross Greenhouse is home...
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