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The Guardian - 22 hours 54 min ago
Businesses stepped up at height of coronavirus crisis but have taken a financial hit Australian distillers that made a rapid pivot into hand sanitiser manufacturing at the height of the Covid-19 crisis have been left with hundreds of thousands of litres of unsold product, as cheap and less effective imports flood the market. Gin and whiskey distillers, ethanol refiners and bioenergy representatives encouraged by the federal government to meet emergency needs in March are calling for a plan to safeguard...
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Los Angeles Times - 23 hours 18 min ago
Fear of COVID-19 remains paramount to Californians, with a plurality of poll respondents saying it is the most important issue facing California today.
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CNBC - 23 hours 37 min ago
The majority of students and their families now say the coronavirus crisis has impacted their ability to pay for school, according to several reports.
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