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NBC News - 3 hours 11 min ago
Aided by Spanish-speaking" health promoters" and Black pastors, expanded outreach is underway around the U.S. to recruit minorities.
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Tech Crunch - 3 hours 34 min ago
The headlines aren’t always kind to the National Security Agency, a spy agency that operates almost entirely in the shadows. But a year ago, the NSA launched its new Cybersecurity Directorate, which in the past year has emerged as one of the more visible divisions of the spy agency. At its core, the directorate focuses […]...
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UPI - 5 hours 40 sec ago
Adverse reactions observed in AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial may not have been caused by the vaccine itself, the researchers involved in the studies say.
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CBS News - 5 hours 7 min ago
The facility could start filling vials with a vaccine as early as November, maybe even before a vaccine has been approved.
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Scientific American - 6 hours 15 min ago
Advisory groups around the world have released guidance to prioritize healthcare workers and those in front-line jobs -- Read more on
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Wall Street Journal - 7 hours 30 min ago
Businesses are wondering whether they can or should require their workforce to be vaccinated, employment lawyers say.
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Newser - 8 hours 7 min ago
"Do we have enough freezers?" That's a question many may not be pondering now, but it's an important one when it comes to a COVID-19 vaccine, per the Wall Street Journal . That's because the inoculation samples that may soon emerge might need to be stored at incredibly cold temperatures, and...
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The Conversation - 8 hours 21 min ago
A bioethicist explains a recent report that recommends how to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine equitably.
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CBS News - 9 hours 42 min ago
More than 25,000 people are enrolled in the drugmaker's late-stage trial of a potential coronavirus vaccine.
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Nature - 20 hours 30 min ago
Genetics reveals which Vikings went where during the influential Viking Age. Plus, how to get a COVID-19 vaccine to those who need it most and what happens when you read a paper every single day.
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NBC News - 21 hours 52 min ago
All three companies leading the coronavirus vaccine race do not expect to have FDA-approved vaccines by election day. Moderna and Pfizer have now released their Covid-19 vaccine protocols to promote public trust.
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PBS Newshour - 21 hours 54 min ago
COVID-19 vaccine development continues to be the subject of political jostling, with President Trump contradicting top U.S. health officials regarding timeline and efficacy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they expect to distribute vaccines publicly at no cost to the patient. But what will the government pay, and how much could drug companies profit? Paul Solman reports. PBS NewsHour is supported by -
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NY Post - 22 hours 19 min ago
Dr. Anthony Fauci says he expects to see a COVID-19 vaccine being proven safe and effective by November or December. “I would still put my money on November/December," Fauci said Wednesday at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute panel, according to CNN. The nation’s top infectious disease expert has said that researchers test vaccines by giving...
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Wall Street Journal - 22 hours 45 min ago
A large, pivotal study of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine could yield a preliminary answer about whether the shot works safely as early as October, though it's more likely to be November, the company's leader said.
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The Independent - 22 hours 56 min ago
Olivia Troye, who left the Trump administration in August, told The Washington Post that the president's main concern was the economy and reelection, and that she wouldn't trust a Covid-19 vaccine that launches before the November vote.
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