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Entertainment Weekly - 9 hours 53 min ago
Tom Hanks got the surprise of a lifetime at a New York screening of his new film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood . The legendary actor was told by Access Hollywood on the red carpet that he's related to Fred Rogers, the beloved children's show host he portrays in the biopic. came up with a family tree for Hanks and Rogers, finding a common ancestor named Johannes Meffert, making the pair sixth cousins. "No, impossible! You're pulling our leg," said Hanks'...
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Variety - 10 hours 28 min ago
Fred Rogers may be America’s favorite next-door neighbor, but the actor who portrays him, Tom Hanks, received praise of his own during a special screening of “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” on Sunday at the Henry R. Luce Auditorium in New York City. "It was a special experience, and I think we knew we […]...
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Fox News - 12 hours 8 min ago
Tom Hanks is giving credit to the late Fred Rogers, whom the actor says is partly responsible for strengthening his marriage to actress Rita Wilson.
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Consequence of Sound - 15 hours 27 min ago
Children's television icon Fred Rogers becomes an unlikely hero for a struggling Esquire writer. Film Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Hits Peak Kindness Sarah Kurchak...
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People - 15 hours 43 min ago
Tom Hanks is taking some tips from Mister Rogers. The actor, who stars as beloved TV icon Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (out Friday), recently revealed he took some advice from the late star when getting into the occasional disagreement with wife Rita Wilson . "When my wife and I are going at it on those rare occasions, when she is letting me know that I'm not really listening to her and I'm trying to establish what the ground rules are , when we're going at...
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The Daily Beast - 22 hours 57 min ago
Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood isn't a movie about Mr. Rogers . It's a movie about us. Technically, it's about Tom Junod, a journalist who profiled Fred Rogers for Esquire in 1998 . The resulting article, "Can You Say...Hero?" chronicles the litany of good deeds Junod witnesses Rogers perform throughout the day, often simple acts with seismic effects on the people he encounters. It ends with Rogers asking Junod to pray with him, a moment that...
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