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The Undefeated - 1 hour 48 min ago
"Burn it all down." That's what Slave Play playwright Jeremy O. Harris said when I reached him in London recently to talk about the racial reckoning taking place in American theater, spurred by the creation of a high-profile group, #WeSeeYouWAT (We See You, White American Theater). "I think that until we get rid of all […]...
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NY Post - 22 hours 7 min ago
It’s the great “flight” shark. An astonishing video captures a great white shark leaping an estimated 15-feet in the air — the highest “Air Jaws” breach ever recorded. “Wooooah! That was unbelievable! Did you see that jump?” shark expert Chris Fallows said as he captured the breach which won him first place on the Discovery...
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