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The Raw Story - 7 min 35 sec ago
CHICAGO Wearing a Chicago Cubs cap, T-shirt and shorts, Dr. David Mayer finished a 7.2-mile morning walk from Northwestern University behind a group of supporters holding a "Patient Safety Movement" sign Saturday morning under the Wrigley Field marquee.Mayer, a Cubs season ticket holder who grew up in Chicago, is more than 1,000 miles since […]...
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The Raw Story - 2 hours 6 min ago
About one in four teachers in the U.S. are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill if they get infected with the new coronavirus, according to a report released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.The foundation, a nonpartisan organization that focuses on national health care issues, looked at a series of factors identified by the […]...
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Canoe News - 12 hours 57 min ago
BETHESDA — President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and front-line health-care workers. The visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center marked Trump’s first public […]...
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Chicago Tribune - 12 hours 58 min ago
David Mayer, a retired cardiac anesthesiologist at the University of Illinois Medical Center, has walked more than 1,000 miles into his 2,600-mile journey to raise awareness for preventable deaths in health care settings.
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The Hill - 13 hours 7 min ago
President Trump wore a mask during his visit to Walter Reed hospital on Saturday, marking the first time he has done so in front of cameras.Trump visited the medical center in Maryland to meet with wounded soldiers and health care staff who...
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Chicago Tribune - 13 hours 44 min ago
Dr. David Mayer, a retired anesthesiologist, is walking to every major-league ballpark and training facility to raise awareness about preventable deaths in the health care industry. On Saturday, July 11, 2020, he walked 7.2 miles from Northwestern's campus in Evanston to Wrigley Field on the North Side.
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CNBC - 21 hours 43 min ago
Consumer advocates are calling for improved access to Medicare. The program provides health care coverage to beneficiaries who are more likely to suffer from the coronavirus.
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