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CNBC - 2 hours 1 min ago
Health care companies claim they are not threatened by Amazon's potential foray into the space. A recent lawsuit in which CVS tried to prevent executive John Lavin from joining Amazon PillPack suggests more concern in private.
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CNBC - 5 hours 44 min ago
Health-care stocks have caught a cold this year, but one technical analyst sees the beginnings of a recovery.
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Hello Giggles - 6 hours 33 min ago
Too many of us have stories of doctors not believing our pain, years spent being misdiagnosed, and struggles in accessing the care we need (from exorbitant costs to previous intimidating appointments). Often, health care obstacles are directly tied to medicine's gender bias, as well as stigmas relating to our race, ethnicity, sexuality, non-binary gender identity, age, and income. In our series, Pain Today, we are highlighting these stories through personal and reported essays, hoping to empower...
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The Raw Story - 10 hours 56 min ago
The New York Times has posted a series of short videos of the Democratic candidates for president answering important questions, like what they propose to do about our broken health care system and just how crooked Donald Trump is. Because campaign coverage demands candidates be allowed "human" (debatable!) moments, the Times also asked the participating candidates […]...
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CNBC - 12 hours 14 min ago
Employer medical costs are projected to rise by 6% next year, after averaging about 5.5% annually over the last three years, according to PwC.
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NBC News - 13 hours 27 min ago
The far-reaching health care plan has touched off a fierce debate. Here's a breakdown of what exactly it is and which candidates are for, against or lukewarm on it.
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New York Times - 13 hours 46 min ago
We tracked down 2020 Democrats and asked them the same 18 questions on health care, immigration, personal wealth and more.
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