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NPR - 6 hours 23 min ago
Moderate Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham has not publicly backed the House impeachment inquiry. He's spent the recess talking about other issues like health care in his red-leaning district.
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ABC News - 7 hours 11 min ago
Abortion opponents in Mississippi have filed a lawsuit challenging a local ordinance that will restrict noise levels and require protesters to remain a certain distance from the entrance of health care facilities...
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Forbes - 13 hours 18 min ago
Onsite mental health care can be an effective, high-return solution if you have the resources to have a diverse set of practitioners, appropriate space and cultural permission to use the services.
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Vox - 13 hours 28 min ago
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to lower drug prices would save billions for the federal government but also lead to fewer drugs coming on the market, a new analysis says. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images The unavoidable tradeoff in lowering prescription drug prices: fewer new drugs. The centerpiece of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to lower prescription drug prices more direct Medicare negotiations with drug makers, with a hard cap on prices as a backstop would save the federal government...
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Time - 13 hours 28 min ago
On October 15 the Democratic presidential candidates will once again have the opportunity to debate their positions on a range of issues affecting this country. Let’s hope that this go-round we hear their visions for Digital America. Yes, health care, immigration, climate change and other topics that consumed the previous debates are important. Yes, impeachment…...
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Harvard Business Review - 14 hours 2 min ago
Why is the routine exchange of patient information still so difficult?...
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The Raw Story - 16 hours 46 min ago
When Veronica Merrill decided to undergo stomach surgery for weight loss, she found two options: pay $12,000 at home in the United States, or have it done in Mexico for $4,000. She packed her suitcase. Her insurance would only cover the operation if she was morbidly obese and suffering from diabetes and hypertension. This was […]...
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