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Buzz Feed - 4 hours 20 min ago
You're not the only one feeling horny in coronavirus lockdown. View Entire Post ›...
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CNET - 6 hours 3 min ago
These pandas, members of a threatened species, are a shining example of perseverance.
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UPI - 8 hours 12 min ago
It was an odd weekend of international horse racing but one featuring stars such as Hong Kong's Beauty Generation, Japan's Lucky Lilac, Australia's Nature Strip and all-American Kimari.
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Forbes - 9 hours 25 min ago
South Korea was a standout though foreign investors sold today as the nearly $8 billion Stock Market Stabilization Fund is expected to launch this week as part of South Korea's ongoing stimulus efforts.
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Reuters - 12 hours 31 min ago
HSBC shareholders in Hong Kong are calling for an extraordinary meeting with the bank's management and considering legal action against its decision to scrap dividend payments.
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Wired - 13 hours 16 min ago
Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan had flattened the curve. Then travelers from the US and Europe began reimporting the virus.
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New York Times - 15 hours 15 min ago
A Starbucks in Hong Kong enforced social-distancing measures by taping off tables and chairs.
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Reuters - 15 hours 41 min ago
HSBC shareholders in Hong Kong are considering calling for an extraordinary meeting with management and taking possible legal action against the bank's decision to scrap dividend payments.
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The Independent - 16 hours 5 min ago
A dog in Hong Kong, whose owner was infected, tested 'weak positive' for the virus...
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Reuters - 18 hours 6 min ago
When 7-year-old Sophia Cheung hears a truck park outside her home in Hong Kong, she grabs her sheet music and runs out the door.
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Vox - 19 hours 3 min ago
Rani Molla The United States has four times as many confirmed Covid-19 cases as China. The United States has the most confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world , with four times the number of cases reported in China and more than twice as many cases as Italy and Spain, the other epicenters of this global outbreak. America started off testing people for the coronavirus at a slower rate than most other developed countries, yet the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in the US has still been rising...
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CNN - 22 hours 52 min ago
In the midst of coronavirus, the Tai O Heritage Hotel on Hong Kong's Lantau Island is surviving by becoming a home-away-from-home for locals.
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