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NY Post - 1 hour 39 min ago
Freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar ripped President Trump on Thursday night for the “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” tweet that he fired off before the release of the Russia report, saying: “No thanks, just lived through one!” Omar delivered the verbal jab on Twitter, along with another post blasting Trump and the Republican Party “for working to divide” the American people....
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NY Post - 13 hours 57 min ago
Former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin is once again enraging leading conservatives including Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, who she’s branded “Captain s—thead.” Lavin — who drew fire last year for smearing a combat-wounded Marine veteran sparred with the newly-elected Texas representative and former Navy SEAL Friday after he criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar’s...
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Twitchy - 15 hours 9 min ago
When asked how much money her campaign had accepted from the gun lobby, Ilhan Omar tweeted … Proud to not have taken a single cent from the gun lobby. We must end the NRA's influence on Congress and pass comprehensive gun control reform. — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) April 16, 2019 *sigh* We suppose we […] The post When will YOU apologize? Dana Loesch drops a WHOLE lotta OpenSecrets truth RIGHT on Ilhan Omar’s head and it’s GLORIOUS appeared first...
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The Guardian - 15 hours 35 min ago
Trump and Republicans are using Omar to drive a wedge within the Democratic party and foment hatred of Muslim Americans' When Ilhan Omar became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress in November, the American Muslim community saw her victory as a symbolic rejoinder to Donald Trump. Omar's remarkable journey from a Somali refugee camp to the Minnesota state legislature and the hallways of the US Capitol stood out among a historically diverse class of freshman lawmakers. The...
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New York Times - 18 hours 31 min ago
Representative Ilhan Omar speaking in Minnesota in January.
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Vox - 23 hours 21 min ago
A Jewish critic of Omar's Israel comments on why it's vital to defend her against Islamophobia. Regardless of what you think about Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN), it's time to stand with her against the spate of Islamophobic attacks emanating from President Donald Trump, the Republican party, and their allies in the conservative press. The attacks on her have been brutal, relentless, and blatantly bigoted qualitatively different and far worse than any of Omar's controversial comments in the...
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