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Den of Geek - 11 hours 29 min ago
Brightburn stars David Denman and Jackson A. Dunn on playing a dad and his son -- who happens to be a superbeing. facebook twitter tumblr What if a powerful being -- the kind we usually refer to as a superhero -- came to Earth and was not interested in protecting humanity but destroying it? The new movie Brightburn , produced by James Gunn and directed by David Yarovesky, asks that provocative question while combining two of the most popular film genres around: horror and superhero origin story...
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Den of Geek - 14 hours 52 min ago
Director David Yarovesky's obsession with horror movies puts a unique spin on Brightburn. facebook twitter tumblr While James Gunn ( Guardians of the Galaxy ) is the big filmmaking name on the new superhero/horror hybrid Brightburn -- he produced the picture, which was written by his brother Mark and cousin Brian -- the person actually behind the camera on the movie is director David Yarovesky. A longtime friend of Gunn's, Yarovesky cut his teeth on videos, commercials and short films (including...
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