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The Raw Story - 4 hours 3 min ago
In an interview with megachurch pastor Pastor Greg Laurie that was published in the Christian Post this Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he reads two things during his mornings: the day’s intelligence report, and the Bible. "I manage to synthesize them knowing that the Lord gives me the capacity to work, […]...
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The Raw Story - 5 hours 35 min ago
President Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he prefers loyalists in his administration. And Trump has no greater loyalist than Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose unquestioning devotion to the president is the focus of a scathing op-ed by Michael H. Fuchs (former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs) for […]...
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The Guardian - 10 hours 51 min ago
When it comes to foreign policy, Pompeo's penchant for undermining America's credibility is top-notch Donald Trump's disdain for the people, country and values his office is supposed to represent is unmatched in recent memory. And he has found in the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, a kindred spirit who has embraced his role as Trumpism's number one proselytizer to the world. Pompeo doesn't wield nearly as much power or have the jurisdiction to inflict damage on as wide a range...
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The Guardian - 13 hours 55 min ago
A comment by the US secretary of state about Victoria's Belt and Road project has ricocheted through Parliament House and the US embassy When US secretary of state Mike Pompeo popped up on Australian television over the weekend it was not to be interviewed by the national broadcaster or indeed one of the main TV channels. Instead he chose to appear on a fringe show with a relatively tiny audience hosted by a self-styled "outsider" who loves Donald Trump's tweets almost as much as...
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