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Complex - 9 hours 17 min ago
A man waited for 36 hours to purchase a PlayStation 5 at a GameStop for Black Friday. The console has been wildly popular to the point of being sold out.
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Comicbook - 9 hours 55 min ago
Hideo Kojima is reportedly working on a Silent Hills game for PS5 with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Konami. If you have deja vu, it's because this isn't the first time we've heard this claim, but it's the first time we've heard PS5, Silent Hills, and Kojima all mentioned in one sentence together. Since the start ...
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Nintendo Life - 10 hours 17 min ago
Highly recommends Astro's Playroom. Even the legendary video game director Masahiro Sakurai needs a break every once and a while, so what does he do when he's not working on new fighters and content for the Nintendo Switch title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ? He plays other games and systems on his insane gaming setup , of course. Read the full article on
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NY Post - 10 hours 25 min ago
He’s definitely got game — it just took him a day and a half. A California man was so intent on snagging one of this year’s hot holiday gadgets — a PlayStation 5 — that he stood outside a GameStop for 36 hours to be first on the line when the store opened on Black...
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Screen Rant - 13 hours 6 min ago
Due to the limited stock of the PlayStation 5, determined fans brought their beds over to a GameStop line, waiting 24 hours for the store to open.
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Comicbook - 15 hours 22 min ago
PS5 DualSense controllers are apparently suffering from a problem Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have been having for years, and PlayStation fans aren't very happy about it. More specifically, it looks like the new, premium, and impressive DualSense controllers have a stick drift problem, a problem that hasn't just plagued Nintendo Switch controllers, but PS4 and ...
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Screen Rant - 17 hours 4 min ago
An automated bot on Twitch is checking various retailers' inventory every second to find available PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.
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Comicbook - 17 hours 22 min ago
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been an excellent addition to the PlayStation family and a perfect launch title for the PlayStation 5, but as players have found since its launch, it's got a couple of bugs like any other game. One of those issues is more comical than frustrating though since it transforms Miles Morals ...
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Techrepublic - 17 hours 55 min ago
The hunt for a PlayStation 5 continues during Cyber Week. Find out when Walmart, Sony, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other retailers plan to stock it next.
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Comicbook - 21 hours 51 min ago
Cyberpunk 2077 players may not be getting the full next-gen experience right at launch since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game aren't releasing until sometime in 2021, but the game will still be playable on the new consoles right away via backwards compatibility. It's supposed to look and feel better ...
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