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Fox News - 1 hour 27 min ago
The Valencia Branch Laboratory continues to face controversy after a California Department of Public Health found "significant deficiencies" during a routine inspection in December...
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New York Magazine - 2 hours 58 min ago
The public-health official anticipated that the single-dose vaccine would return with either a warning or a restriction on what ages could receive it.
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The Guardian - 10 hours 49 min ago
Mike Whittaker has a suggestion to reduce test costs for those wishing to travel abroad, while Catherine Dunn says that if the government invested in public health infrastructure, we would have a more effective testing system Your article ( Airlines warn the cost of Covid tests will stop people going abroad , 9 April) considers the cost of Covid tests for a family, calculated as the cost of a single test, multiplied by the number in the travel group. But the tests are to detect if any person in...
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Life Hacker - 14 hours 10 min ago
Though it's really difficult to look at a global pandemic that is responsible for more than 566,000 deaths in the United States alone and identify anything positive that has come from it, there have been a few aspects of the public health measures that some people have found convenient. Read more...
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