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Wall Street Journal - 7 hours 4 min ago
An unexpected side-effect of lockdowns: It can be easier to get a meeting with a venture capitalist. For minority founders in tech, that's made a big difference as Silicon Valley reckons with race issues.
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NY Post - 7 hours 27 min ago
Health officials in the San Francisco Bay Area have ordered lockdown for the region’s 8.5 million residents beginning Sunday night and lasting into the first week of 2021. The stay-at-home restrictions in five counties — which include San Francisco, Oakland and Silicon Valley — require the closing of indoor and outdoor restaurant dining and impose...
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Fast Company - 12 hours 4 min ago
Silicon Valley tech companies took many millions in government bailout money this year via a program intended to allow employers to retain their employees during the pandemic. According to newly released Small Business Administration data, 885 Silicon Valley tech companies borrowed a total of $381.3 million via the Paycheck Protection Program . That figure excludes telecommunications companies and does not account for businesses based in San Francisco. The vast majority of these tech companies aren’t...
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Tech Crunch - 18 hours 55 min ago
When Salesforce bought Slack earlier this week for $27.7 billion, it was in some ways the end of a startup fairytale. Slack was the living embodiment of the Silicon Valley startup success fantasy. It started as a pivot from a game company, of all things. It raised $1.4 billion, went from zero to a $7 […]...
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Ad Age - 23 hours 4 min ago
After immigrating to the U.S. from Kolkata India, the CEO co-founded his company in 2009 at just 26 years old.
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