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Contact Music - 11 hours 16 min ago
Jared Harris has denied that he is playing Doctor Octopus in 'Morbius'.The 'Chernobyl' star will feature in the Spider-Man spin-off, although his role as been kept under wraps and with fans speculating that Jared will be playing Spider-Man's iconic foe,...
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The Boy Genius Report - 19 hours 22 min ago
Marvel's Spider-Man turned out to be a huge hit for Sony, so it's not surprising to hear a sequel is in the making. A new leak reveals plenty of details about the upcoming Spider-Man 2 , as well as the launch window for the new game. As much as you'd love to hear the game will be ready for the PS5's late 2020 launch date, that's apparently not happening. Spider-Man 2 will be demoed this year, but will launch in holiday 2021. The news comes from a Redditor who claims to have a...
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