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Fox News - 2 hours 38 min ago
Tom Brady's status for 2020 is the underlying storyline as the NFL prepares for Super Bowl LIV.
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Forbes - 6 hours 45 min ago
There is chatter that the Las Vegas Raiders will pursue quarterback Tom Brady in free agency. Is it a good idea?...
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CBS Sports - 7 hours 48 min ago
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is continuing his ascent to the top of the NFL...
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Forbes - 8 hours 3 min ago
The Kansas City quarterback has so far sold more jerseys, sweatshirts and other apparel than any other NFL player this year.
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Bleacher Report - 9 hours 19 min ago
As Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for Super Bowl LIV, a changing of the guard could be happening in the NFL ...
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Reuters - 10 hours 49 min ago
Approaching free agency for the first time, Tom Brady says he is keeping an open mind and will embrace the future with "open arms."...
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Sky Sports - 11 hours 1 min ago
Tom Brady says he is keeping an open mind and will embrace the future with "open arms” as he approaches free agency for the first time.
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CBS Sports - 11 hours 31 min ago
It sounds like Brady will weigh all his options this offseason...
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ESPN - 12 hours 40 min ago
"I'm open-minded about the process," Tom Brady said of his upcoming free agency.
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Boston Herald - 17 hours 42 min ago
While the future might still bring Brady back to New England, he sounds ready to explore his possibilities elsewhere.
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