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ABC News - 4 hours 9 min ago
The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women...
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CBS News - 15 hours 21 min ago
The Trump administration is proposing sweeping new changes to an Obama-era school lunch policy. The changes would loosen rules concerning fruits and vegetables, which could lead to more pizzas and burgers on the menu. Natalie Brand reports.
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The Hill - 20 hours 9 min ago
The Trump administration earlier this month installed a plaque on a new barrier along the southern border commemorating the construction of 100 miles of President Trump's long-sought border wall.Acting Homeland Sec...
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ABC News - 20 hours 55 min ago
The Trump administration granted Chevron a special license to keep drilling ban.
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Newsweek - 22 hours 19 min ago
The changes to the United States Munitions List, governing which weapons are subject to the State Department's scrutiny, are a long time coming.
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Refinery29 - 22 hours 36 min ago
In a continuation of their dedication to deregulation, the Trump administration recently moved to ease restrictions placed on school nutrition programs put in place as part of Michelle Obama's push to reduce childhood obesity . The administration claims it was not intentional, but the move came on the same day as Obama's birthday , the New York Times reports. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue released a statement explaining the decision. "Schools and school districts continue to...
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Time - 22 hours 49 min ago
The proposed rules would allowing more flexibilities in the amount of fruits and vegetables served...
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The Hill - 23 hours 32 min ago
The Department of Treasury is allowing Chevron, along with four other U.S. service suppliers, to continue operating in Venezuela despite U.S. sanctions.The Associated Press reported Saturday that the American companies were granted special licenses...
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