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The Hill - 15 hours 12 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that more than one African American woman is being considered to be his running mate.Biden shared the detail during an interview on MSNBC as host Craig Melvin pressed him...
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The Raw Story - 17 hours 21 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the importance of a president’s words and accountability during times of crisis during a Friday appearance on MSNBC. Biden was interviewed by Craig Melvin, who noted the protests tearing apart cities and asked where he would start if elected president. “I start by talking about what we must […]...
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Fox News - 18 hours 5 min ago
With some African-American activists amplifying their efforts to persuade former Vice President Joe Biden not to name Sen. Amy Klobuchar as his running mate because they say she wouldn't excite black voters the Minnesota Democrat is defending her previous record as a former tough on crime prosecutor in the Minnesota county where this week a black man in handcuffs died after a white police officer put his knee to the man's throat for several minutes.
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The Daily Beast - 18 hours 34 min ago
Ron Jenkins/Getty In recent weeks, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has positioned herself as a leading contender in the race to join former Vice President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. But growing civil unrest in her home state of Minnesota in response to the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer and renewed scrutiny of her record as the top prosecutor in the state's largest county appears to have severely hampered her ambition to be the Democratic Party's vice presidential...
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Newsweek - 19 hours 8 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden rebuked President Donald Trump Friday for his inflammatory remarks after the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, saying it was "no time for incendiary tweets" and "no time to encourage violence."...
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The Hill - 20 hours 1 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) revealed in an address to supporters on Friday that he spoke with the family of George Floyd, the Minneapolis African American man killed during a police arrest.The former vice p...
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Fox News - 20 hours 22 min ago
Calling the death of a black man in Minnesota after being pinned to the ground by police officers and the resulting violent protests in cities across the country a "national crisis," former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday stressed that "we need real leadership right now."...
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NPR - 20 hours 25 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday called on the nation to better empathize with the pain of black Americans in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.
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The Independent - 22 hours 37 min ago
The Minnesota senator while in her previous position of district attorney reportedly declined to prosecute more than 25 police for excessive force, including Derek Chauvin...
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