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Buzz Feed - 20 hours 35 min ago
Despite the increase, there were fewer arrests of undocumented workers at their jobs than there were under the George W. Bush administration. View Entire Post ›... Read
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Orlando Sentinel - 13 hours 22 min ago
Thanks to 537 people in Florida, George W. Bush became president 18 years ago today. That's when the U.S. Supreme Court blocked further recounts in Florida. Bush's 537-vote victory would stand... Read
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The Raw Story - 13 hours 14 min ago
Max Boot was a leading proponent of neoconservative ideology in the 2000s and early to mid-2010s, often praising President George W. Bush and heavily criticizing President Barack Obama. But these days... Read
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The Raw Story - 6 hours 22 min ago
The former chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration said on MSNBC that President Donald Trump’s defense lawyers need to negotiate a plea agreement. Richard Painter is... Read
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