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The Undefeated - 35 min 33 sec ago
Four hundred years later, America's congenital demon still bedevils it. A nation built for white people, though reliant upon Black sweat, remains unable to exorcise the paradoxical evil inherent in its birth. Time after time, this country reproduces its sins rather than atone for them. Yet, with protesters capturing the streets amid a global pandemic […]...
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The Undefeated - 1 hour 31 sec ago
What kind of country sees Black Lives Matter as a radical idea and Black suffering and death as unremarkable? African Americans are dying at 2 times the rate of white people from COVID-19, continuing a long history of unequal health outcomes that have seen Black people disproportionately stricken by diseases, including cancer, heart disease and […]...
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Geek Wire - 19 hours 45 min ago
When Charles Douglas III showed up for a meeting for a newly formed voter empowerment group, he nearly turned around and walked out. Douglas, a Black man working in corporate leadership, faced a sea of retired white people. He didn’t feel he belonged. "I almost left, but another young volunteer said, ‘I know what you're thinking, but stick around,’ " Douglas said. He did, and was won over by David Domke, the nonprofit’s organizer, a University of Washington communications...
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