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Earn revenue when you snip & share breaking news or any other article you like.


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Snips is revolutionizing the way brands are connecting with consumers.

Patrick Roger, CEO

We use Snips to monetize the content we curate and post on social media and email. The ability to cross-promote our products and services in front of engaging content is a game-changer.

Bob Woolner, Marketing Executive

Snips is allowing media companies to generate net new revenue through social advertisements unlike any other platform. It was simple to integrate with our sales teams and the analytics are spectacular.

Jennifer Walker, CMO


Whether you're an occasional Tweeter, avid blogger, or just love to post pictures on Facebook, is simply the coolest way to share content. Now you get paid for the social value your content generates on the web through advertisements shown to your visitors when they click your snipped links. And with the real-time analytics, it's the perfect tool to help you gauge your audience reach and better understand what appeals to them.